Coal Ash Spill Details

In a single year, the coal-fired electric plant in Kingston, Tennessee (40 miles west of Knoxville) deposited more than 2.2 million pounds of toxic materials into a holding pond on the property. That holding pond failed last week, flooding 300 acres in East Tennessee with toxins such as arsenic,lead, barium, chromium and manganese.

Potential toxins released into the environment include:

  • 45,000 pounds of arsenic;
  • 49,000 pounds of lead;
  • 91,000 pounds of chromium;
  • 140,000 pounds of manganese;
  • 1.4 million pounds of barium.

Potential health problems associated with these toxins, include cancer, liver damage and neurological complications, among other health problems.

The EPA is providing independent air monitoring and oversight of response activities, as well as assisting TDEC and TVA in implementing a centralized data management system. Results of the EPA testing is being posted online as it becomes available.

Class action filed on behalf of property owners

On Jan. 9, Beasley Allen filed a class action suit on behalf of property owners damaged by the Dec. 22, 2008 Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant. The suit is filed against the TVA, the nation’s largest public utility, over potentially the most significant environmental disaster since the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Beasley Allen has handled previous environmental claims including a $700 million settlement with Monsanto/Solutia in Anniston, Ala., over PCB contamination, the largest environmental settlement in American history.

Do you have a coal ash spill claim?

If your loved one has suffered property damage as a result of the coal ash spill, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of property value.

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