Coal Ash Studies

Damage cases

In its Feb. 11, 2008 report, “Comments on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Coal Combustion Waste Damage Assessment (July 2007),” the Earthjustice Clean Air Task Force says an increase in proven damage cases acknowledged by the EPA is “highly significant.”  This Earthjustice report summarizes the results of the EPA’s July 2007 report on confirmed damages, and points out areas that still need investigation.

Damages Cases (PDF)



Disaster in waiting

The massive spill of coal ash from TVA’s Kingston plant in Tennessee in December dramatized the cost of unsafe disposal practices. The Environmental Integrity Project’s Disaster in Waiting report identifies those facilities that dispose of toxic metals in surface impoundments in high volumes, in some cases greater than amounts reported by Kingston.

Note: After this report was released, Stanton Energy Center in Orlando, Florida has contacted EIP to inform us that the company mistakenly submitted incorrect information to the USEPA’s Toxics Release Inventory.

According to Stanton Energy Center, the company incorrectly reported that their coal combustion waste is disposed of in a surface impoundment. Stanton Energy informed EIP that their coal combustion waste is actually deposited in a dry landfill, and the company intends to submit a revised Toxics Release report to the USEPA.

Disaster in Waiting (PDF)